Royal Story

Lord North discovered the spring in C1606. Feeling rejuvenated by the iron-rich water he sent samples to his physicians in London who confirmed that the mineral content was extraordinarily high. News of the spring and its exceptional properties spread.. (reputed to cure ills from infertility, hangovers, obesity and our particular favourite .. ‘a moist brain’).

In 1629 Her Majesty the Queen of England came to 'take the waters', and soon found herself pregnant with Charles II- (that'll be the Iron and Zinc!). It has been said that King Charles II owes his life to this famous water! King Charles II, King James I, Catherine of Braganza, Queen Anne and Queen Victoria (she couldn’t get enough of it..9 children!) all visited the mineral-rich spring which led to King Edward VII granting the prestigious royal title to the town and spring in 1909 to commemorate its long-standing royal connection.

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